Vox Populi Gallery: Artist Collective Member

Artist collective member June 2017-January 2021

As a member of Vox—an artist-run gallery and project space—participate in the collective functions of the space and membership, from active roles in program development, fundraising, and operations of Blackbox and Community Engagement Committee programs, member and guest artist application reviews, organizational strategy, and cultural principles development to regular gallery sitting, event set-up and support, and on-the-ground facilities work. Beyond operational roles, take curatorial role in gallery exhibitions and public programs, including: co-curation with Danny Orendorff of participatory and environmentally-focused public project-in-development Haunted by Imagined Futures, slated for 2021 production; event design collaboration and hands-on project planning for Maximum Tilt: Solstice Festival, Jun 21, 2018 to kick off Vox’s 30th anniversary year programming arc; and curation of Aislinn Pentecost-Farren and Corey Chao’s American Immigrants project for the exhibition X + 1_Vox Accelerated, Feb 2-18, 2018.

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