Indie Publishing Fair
Art Books, Poetry Chaps, and Zines
Saturday, May 14, 2022
Blue Room, CitySpace, Easthampton | 10 - 4PM | Free Entry
Poetry Reading organized by The But Also at 3PM

Come check in on local independent presses, publishers, and projects! Lots to explore and bring home, folks to meet, and art experiences for all ages facilitated by Resilient Community Arts.

Press On Participants:
- The But Also / Threshold Academy / Hot Pink Magazine @sparklefringe @zoe.tuck
- Trevor Powers of Fugitive Arts / NPBF @nohopbf @solongandthanksforalltheshoes_ who will also carry work by Esther S. White @estherxesther
- Ninepin Press @jedediahberry @the_embley
- Attack Bear Press @attackbearpress
- Resilient Community Arts @resilientcommunityarts with Take-a-Zine, Leave-a-Zine Project @takeazine
- Flywheel Arts Collective @flywheel_arts
- Massive Bookshop @bookshopmassive
- Rust Temple members @trustremple Anya Klipaki @anyiki Ian Nelson @iprnelson Tommi PG @tommi_pg and Noah Shelf
- Neighboring Systems

The But Also Readers:
- Caroline Rayner, @carolinerayner
- Cleo Abramian, @hair_mouth
- Jason R. Montgomery, @howka.jrm @attackbearpress
- Britt Billmeyer-Finn, @sparklefringe

Accessibility: ADA-compliant space. Ramp access east side of building
Free: Free entry, kid-friendly
Safer Space: Neighboring Systems is dedicated to facilitating a safer space for everyone in attendance. Respect the physical space and emotional boundaries of others, folks’ identities, pronouns, and privacy; seek permission before photographing or posting images of others, especially children. Take care of yourselves and each other, and reach out if you experience harassment or harm. Racism, anti-Blackness, honophobia, transphobia, violence, and hate speech will not be tolerated.
Covid-19: We are following the guidelines of the venue, please visit httsp:// for more details (scroll to FAQ, then health and safety drop down)