Public Art Projects @ Mural Arts Philadelphia

Project Manager September 2016 - February 2018

As a project manager at Mural Arts Philadelphia, I managed commissioned public art projects across the city of Philadelphia, bringing several community-based murals and projects to completion, fostering partnerships with other cultural and social service nonprofits to that end. Selected images of murals-in-progress, community paint days, mural-related print materials, and mural dedication events below.

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For the city-wide public art exhibition Monument Lab, I stewarded the work of artists Karyn Olivier and Jamel Shabazz for their respective projects at the Germantown site. I oversaw partnerships, community engagement, fabrication, installation, and on-site public programs tied to both projects.

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The Battle Is Joined, by Karyn Olivier
Vernon Park, 5800 Germantown Avenue
On display Sept 16 - Nov 19, 2017

Installation in progress:

Love Is The Message, by Jamel Shabazz
Mural: 5836 Germantown Avenue
On display September 2017 - November 2018

iMPeRFeCT Gallery
Project Space Exhibition: 3339 Germantown Avenue
On display Sept 9 - Oct 7, 2017