E. Maude Haak-Frendscho


I program experimental new works that foreground process and experience, rooted in interests in social and spatial practices, phenomena and perception, and exploring new sites for both critical and creative interventions. An independent arts worker and current artist-member of Vox Populi Gallery, I have also worked with non-profit arts organizations including Common Field, Mural Arts Philadelphia, Headlands Center for the Arts, San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries, and Southern Exposure, among others.

Member of Common Field.

“A poem can't do much but
it gives off sparks from its wheels,
the bristle and the clicks, mostly
at moments of resistance.”
            – Brenda Hillman,“To a desert poet,” Practical Water

“We need to understand the body not as bound to the private or to the self – the western idea of the autonomous individual – but as being linked integrally to material expressions of community and public space. In this sense there is no neat divide between the corporeal and the social; there is instead what has been called ‘social flesh’ (Beasley and Bacchi, 2000). The body itself is a political site or place that mediates the lived experiences of social and cultural relationships.”
            – Wendy Harcourt and Arturo Escobar, Women and the Politics of Place