ACROSS / BETWEEN: Kathy Guo & Paul Specht
ECA Invitational Exhibition

Opens Art Walk: Thur, Oct 12, 5-8pm, through Nov 3, 2023
ECA Gallery at Old Town Hall | 43 Main St, Easthampton, MA
Opening night site specific dance performance by Michelle Marroquin

Across / Between is the first annual ECA Invitational, an opportunity to highlight local artists whose work addresses the spirit of the moment.

Across / Between features Kathy Guo and Paul Specht, who each engage with how we relate and are entwined. Guo’s sculptural and video works track from the tensions of intergroup communication to the aspirational potential for identification and solidarity between anonymous interlocutors. Specht’s photo portraits enmesh the sitter and artist, queering the author-subject dynamic. Collectively, the works in this exhibition embody pathways for forming relationships of mutuality, a necessary and timely antidote to social fractures and violence. Guo and Specht utilize their roles as artists to imagine and propose possible futures. We choose what role we inhabit to relaize that future.

Co-curated by Pasqualina Azzarello, Tracey Eller, and E. Maude Haak-Frendscho.